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We would _LOVE_ to hear from you!
If you would like to contact us please call us at 870.935.9800 to speak to an appropriate represenative of the Jonesboro Urban Renewal & Housing Authority. In the tables below you will find the extention numbers of our most popular contacts as well as their respective email addresses.

Housing Choice Voucher Program
Manager Jan Hopkins *9610
Housing Technician Rosena Branch *9611
Caseworker - Clients [N-Wa] Cathlyn Moore *9606
Caseworker - Clients [A-G] Anissa Lopez *9628
Caseworker - Clients [H-M] Misty Smith *9607
Applications Technician Lasha Haggans *9612
Section 8 Housing Assistant/Portability Sandra Griffey *9602
Section 8 Fraud Prevention Coordinator/Caseworker - Clients [We-Z] Rosalee Clem *9621
Public Housing
Manager Carol Crawford *9620
Contracts Coordinator Sharon Poe *9614
Applications Lasha Haggans *9612
Public Housing Coordinator Gail Yates *9630
Housing Assistant/Lease Up Specialist Junita Knuckles *9618
Family Self-Sufficiency * Housing Counseling
Homeownership/Housing Coordinator Vacant- *9619
FSS Coordinator Kesha Haggans *9608
Executive Director Sharon Poe *9614
Assistant Executive Director Janice Richmond *9615
Bookkeeper Julie Rogers *9616