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The Proposed 2018 Annual Plan is now available.


JURHA had two evictions due to violations of criminal laws during the past fiscal year. This supports success of our resident/security managers lease enforcement activity. For Fiscal Year Ended 2007 we had zero number of evictions due to crime law filiations through aggressive screening procedures. We will continue to aggressively screen all applicants and keep vigilant watch through resident/security management and tenant patrol in an effort to maintain our family friendly atmosphere.

Our local police department works closely with our aggressive Community Policing Assistant and our Resident Security Manager. The team effort of our Tenant Patrol, Community Policing Assistant, and Resident Security Manager in our Cayman Villa and Goff Courts developments provides an effective deterrent to crime in our neighborhoods due to unscheduled patrols. The known commitment of our dedicated Community Policing Assistant and Resident Manager places fear of detection and drives out unlawful residents.

We have made excellent progress with meeting our goal to reduce evictions due to violations of criminal laws. We partnered with Deliverance Family Worship Center to provide a Community Wide Back to School Bash with positive community spirit and to promote getting to know your neighbors.

All public housing applicants are pre-screened using Background Information Systems of Arkansas, Inc. The internet reporting has greatly reduced response time and provided a reduction in cost from previous screening methods.